A downloadable game

This is a third Persian Skill base PVP game.
Also It will have a dungeon design gamemode.
The final goal: I hope it will be a survival game like ARK

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Discord: https://discord.gg/5t9E9Ce

You can download the DEMO on Steam now!
Test for us, then we will give you the game! (Join Discord to learn more)

 Youtube Gameplay Trailer: 

 You can custom your character with many part. You ear, horn, tail, clothes, weapon...

Install instructions

Control :

Use WSAD + Mouse to move;

Left Click for Light Attack, Right Click for Heavy Attack

With different input order character will have the different combo attack

Ctrl: Block

Alt: Dodge

L-Shift: Sprint

Keyboard G : Grab Target

Q : Sheath / Draw Weapon

T : Dragon Mode

Drawn weapon - Grap small enemy

Some Special Attack :

Shield and Sword : (Character Blocking - Hold RightMouseBtn - Aim, and release )

Heavy Sword : (Dodging - Hold RightMouseBtn - Aim, and release)

Shield and Sword / Katana / Double Blade:

(Backward - Hold L-Shift - Hold RightMouseBtn - Aim, and release ) - 3 weapon has different effects


BladeOfArenaDemo_v0.5 2 GB

Development log


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I cant wait to play it.

I love it.

Thanks. Official version is coming up in September.

I cant wait! It will be amazing!

hope the game can return if you still want to do it :3 wish yull well

the concept and character design is cool